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Frequently Asked Questions

In Even cargo we are providing employment to the marginalized women of the society. We provide them training and employing them as goods delivery personnel, that is, they have to deliver products within Delhi.

Even Cargo is a social enterprise that aims to be a leading logistics service provider driven by a confident team of female delivery personnel at its forefront. Our social vision is to work towards attaining gender parity through the empowerment of women by engaging them in professions traditionally inaccessible to them.

We are looking for someone who has good talent and provides competitive advantage. We emphasize on recruiting the right talent. We look for someone who is a:
1.) Team player
2.) Has entrepreneurial spirit
3.) Managerial/leadership competencies
We want someone who is self-motivated and has passion for excellence. We appreciate people with strong business knowledge and takes initiative to achieve results.

There is no limit or obstacle to the growth. Depending on the potential, and who exhibits performance can grow in the organization through the following paths:
1.) Lateral Growth:- Cross-functional assignments within the department or within various business verticals.
2.) Vertical Growth:- Career promotion and higher levels of responsibility in the same function