Women coming out of Traditional Work

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Women coming out of Traditional Work

It wouldn’t be surprising to note the change in the scenario of the working women.

According to the survey conducted it was found that the women employed in these three sectors top the list:

  1. Secretary
  2. Teachers  and
  3. Nurses

These three occupations provide jobs for nearly 12% of total (working population) of women.

If we go back to few decades, it is found that the women were not allowed to work. Their role was to be a housewife even after completing education.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 72 million women age 16 and over were part of the labor force in 2008, either employed or looking for work. It contributes to 60% of the female population of the U.S.


The chart given above describes how a women is discriminated on the base of different work. They are not allowed to work in various sectors, but inspite of it the society differentiates them? Don’t know why?

Is it that women are just born to be a housewife or a primary school teacher? It is a shame on us to view them with low esteem.

The chart is indicating a gender bias.



For young women, the transition from student to employee can be challenging. It’s cumbersome for a woman to return into workforce after having stayed at house to raise children playing the role of housewife.

Society considers an obloquy for a woman to work in certain sectors. They are not given the equal importance in our community.

With the growth of education the awareness among the people is increasing. The women who were not given any importance in the society, now the time has brought them to such a point that the entire world is proud of them.

They have been Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Drivers, Scientists, IPS, Prime Ministers, Etc…. In spite of so many obstacles in their way, they fought everything and emerged as leaders.

Look at the surrounding around you. If you are a student you must not be surprised knowing that a girl is the topper of your class. If you are an employee you should also have noticed the women holding higher positions in your company. From laborer to entrepreneur, they excel in everything they do. It is impossible to know the beauty in their work.

Fighting the odds in the society is not an easy job, but they complete this task as well in a wonderful way.

The days are gone when women were considered as puppet in the hands of their parents, husband, In laws .. They can’t be restrained anymore. Let them shine, why should we be an obstacle in their way.

Now the role of a woman is changing with the change in time. From household activities, they are stepping in MNC’s, from farm work to Farm Scientists, from nurses to doctors and it continues. The trend is changing. In simple words it’s like, they have set a goal and nothing can stop them from achieving it. They play the role of a mother so beautifully but also take care of everything else in an amazing way.

Women can be called as versatile genius.

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