The Crisis

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The Crisis

Even in today’s developing and fast moving world, women are deemed as the weaker gender. Such attitude regarding these notions places women at risk of several personal, social, economic and political discrimination which deepens with the descent in socio-economic class. The gender pay gap in India is on continual high at 27% as are crimes against women and the one of the most basic needs of safety for women still stands in the form of rampant social discrepancy.

We at DelhiOYE believe our idea is unique and distinctive as, it subsumes two major social issues apart from economic independence of the marginalized women which are- empowerment of women and their safety needs. These are two crucial social areas that require immediate attention in our society. By supporting us in the cause, your organization would help us move a step forward towards building a profound and value based organization, bolstering our cause for professional as well as social good.

Non-existent equality?

Despite development, women still face challenges and strenuous situations at home, society and workplaces. The economy is expansively taken over by the males and with regard to jobs in the logistics and delivery departments, the majority is still male dominated, however, women are slowly zooming in this line of work as well. Giving it further momentum, we pursue work to encourage abilities in women folk and regard them with dignity.

Here are some diagrams that support our findings: –

  1. Less than a third of working age women in India have jobs, which is one of the lowest among the BRICs. Participation in the labor force is higher in the South and West of India compared to the East and North, which is accredited to religious customs.


  1. Participation is considerably higher in rural rather than urban areas especially among the poor. This declines with family income and education, but rises again among the highly educated. Female labour market participation by income and education is displayed below.


  1. Female participation has dropped over the past decade in contrast to other emerging markets. Much of the decline, especially since 2005, reflects a drop in unpaid female self-employment in agriculture upon a rise in agricultural incomes.

Women’s Participation in the Economy

Despite rapid economic growth, the inability of women to play a part in the Indian economy remains as profound and persistent as ever. The 2011 United Nations Gender Inequality Index (GII), which considered factors like labour force participation, reproductive health and education, ranked India a depressing 127 out of 187 countries, behind countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.

Women in India have, of course, always worked but their work is undervalued. An illiterate woman in an unskilled job earns around Rs.85 a day, less than half her male counterpart. Cultural and societal rules still prevent women from setting up their own businesses without the help of male relatives.

Where Are India’s Working Women?

Despite the fact that female literacy and education enrollment rates have been rising, India today has lower levels of than many other countries. India ranks 127th on the gender inequality index and 108th on the global gender gap index. This stood out by data on the ground. Over the last decade, women’s participation in the labor force has seen a dramatic decline. Latest government statistics suggest that women’s labor participation rate fell from 29.4 percent in 2004-2005 to 22.5 percent in 2011-2012. The gender gap in the labor force is particularly stark when we consider that in the 15-59 age group, women’s participation is only 32 percent in rural areas compared to 83 percent for men, and 21 percent in urban areas compared to 81 percent for men.

These numbers are heart breaking and incredibly shameful. We require a major paradigm shift where our society is concerned. Strict action is the need of the hour.


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