Even Cargo was started with a vision to create a gender harmonious world, where everyone will have an equal opportunity to earn their livelihood irrespective of their gender.

It is a social enterprise that employees women from marginalized communities and provide them with job opportunity as women delivery personnel. Our focus is to overcome the barriers of unemployment through skill development of women to increase the participation of women workforce in labour market.

"Failure to allow women full access to the labour market is an under-utilization of human resources that holds back productivity and economic growth," - Kapsos.

Happiness on wheels!

“alag hai aur accha bhi”

Our idea with even cargo is to deliver happiness. Happiness for our customers and happiness for the employees. We are working with underprivileged women and giving them a job that will not only help them become independent but also give them an inspiration to go ahead and do the same for someone else. Women empowerment is what we strongly believe and with even cargo we hope we can influence others to believe in it too.

Why Us

Somethings are worth experiencing; our services are blend of logistics excellence and human touch. Try it for your customers and give them superior delivery experiences.

On time delivery : Timely delivery to customer is our first and foremost priority.

Highly skilled :Our delivery personnel go through a series of extensive training to provide quality service and superior customer experience.

Humane working conditions :Set number of working hours helps in keeping the morale of our girls always high. They are motivated and always treat customers with a smile as none of them is overworked or exhausted.

Superior Safety measures :Having undergone training conducted jointly by Honda and Delhi Traffic police our girls are well aware about the traffic rules and takes all safety measures before riding which ensures safe delivery of our clients parcel.

100% Female drivers :All our Delivery personnel are girls and in our attempt to generate better livelihood options for them we seek to deliver an added value to our customers.

Our Team

We are a group of young change makers who are driven by the zeal to create ripples of positive change in our surroundings. Honesty, equality and fairness are at the core of our belief. We work as a team, Yogesh Kumar, one of the team member, started this initiative in 2016. Yogesh is an Engineering graduate and worked for 3 years as operation engineer before completing his masters in Social Entrepreneurship.